2023 Mississippi Mu Alpha Theta State Convention

Functions in the 1st degree: A Math Whodunit

April 16-17

Jackson Preparatory School Campus

Flowood, Ms

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See the Convention Packet for current rules and competitions for the MS M.A.Th. Convention.

Each student attending the convention will be classified in one of three divisions.

ADVANCED DIVISION will be students enrolled in or who have completed at least one semester of Calculus.

INTERMEDIATE DIVISION will be students enrolled in any advanced mathematics course beyond Algebra II, but before Calculus. (Current Framework standards will be used as guidelines).

JUNIOR DIVISION includes all other students, including those currently enrolled in Algebra II or Geometry.  For block schedules, students may compete according to their first semester math class.



No Calculators except for Statistics


INTERMEDIATE DIVISION TESTS: Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry (For Alg. 3 & Adv. Math Plus), College Algebra (For College Alg. & Alg. 3 & Adv. Math Plus)



This 4-person relay team (must have 4) will be geared for speed and accuracy. The students will be seated in order in a row. 

They will receive problems in the following order.

Seat 1: Geometry/Algebra 

Seat 2: Algebra II

Seat 3: Trigonometry/Precalculus 

Seat 4: Calculus

Seat 1 will solve for variable A, pass the solution back to Seat 2, who inserts the solution for A into his problem and solves for variable B. Seat 2 passes his result to Seat 3, who inserts the B value into his problem and solves for C. Seat 3 passes his result to Seat 4 who inserts the C value into his problem and solves for D. Students may not talk but may return an answer to the previous seat if they believe the value is wrong and want it to be checked. When the person in Seat 4 gets a final value, the answer sheet is submitted for scoring. Calculators are allowed in this event. 


Each school may enter a team for this test (up to 4 members). This test consists of a variety of questions from various math subjects. Calculators are allowed in this event. 

The Hustle will consist of a team of up to 4 students. The members of the team can include no more than two students from any of the three ciphering divisions. The 4 members will have five different eight-minute rounds to sort through 125 questions. The questions will come from 5 mathematical areas and will be color-coded for each area. The areas are the following: (1) algebra & geometry, (2) Algebra II, (3) trigonometry, (4) advanced math & calculus, and (5) statistics, data analysis, probability. Each round will require that the team submit no more than 5 questions of a given area (color) up to a maximum of 24 questions per team. Calculators are allowed in this event.


Up to 8 individuals can compete in Team ciphering for each division. There are three divisions of Ciphering: Junior Division Ciphering consisting of Algebra II and Geometry; Intermediate Division Ciphering consisting of Probability and Statistics, College Algebra, and Pre-calculus and Trigonometry; and Advanced Ciphering consisting of all Intermediate Ciphering topics and Calculus. Students may "Cipher up but cannot Cipher down". Ciphering questions are short-answer. You will be given a maximum of 2 minutes to answer each question. If you answer the question correctly within one minute, you get 4 points. If you answer the question correctly within the second minute, you get two points. 

The Interschool Test is the oldest event of the competition and should give your chapter a real sense of school spirit. The Interschool Test is a short-answer test composed of a variety of challenging problems chosen from all of the topic areas. A chapter’s Interschool team may consist of up to 25 students. Teams may bring reference materials into the test (such as textbooks). Each school participating in the Interschool Test is asked to bring a sealed ream of paper. Calculators are allowed in this event.

  1. Each scrapbook must have the school name and year placed visibly on the front cover and be no more than 2 ft. x 2 ft. x 6 in.

  2. Only scrapbooks or portions of scrapbooks dealing with chapter activities since the convention of 2017 will be judged.

  3. Each chapter is responsible for retrieving its own scrapbook at the end of convention.

  4. Scrapbooks must be new and display the year and words or symbols for Mu Alpha Theta.

  1. Each school may submit one video. To be judged, the video may not exceed 3 minutes long

  2. The video should be relevant to the current year's theme: "Composed:  Mathematics(Music)"

  3. The video, including the filming process, should be competed by the students only. The video should be approved by a sponsor.

  4. Videos should present the topic in a positive manner.

  5. There should be NO mention of the school's name or frames of the campus.

  6. Your video must be in the file format .mov or .mpv ONLY. Videos not in this format will be disqualified.

  7. Any violence, alcohol, or language/behavior deemed inappropriate by the judges will result in disqualification.

  8. Submissions should be emailed to David Wilbanks at dwilbanks@madison-schools.com. Deadline for submission is March 2, 2018.

  1. All banners should be completed by students ONLY. School names should NOT be on the front of the banner, but they must be placed on the back (permanent marker can be used). Banners that do not have the school name on the back will be disqualified.

  2. Banners will be judged on the criteria of relevance to math, creativity, neatness, and attractiveness, with greater emphasis placed on the relevance to math and creativity.

  3. Banners must not exceed the size of 3 ft. x 4 ft. x 4 in. or they will not be judged.

  4. All banners must be made of fabric and on a rod and cord, ready to be hung.

  5. All banners must be new and display the year and words or symbols for Mu Alpha Theta.

  1. Designs should be submitted as a digital file (jpeg, png, etc.) at the highest resolution possible.

  2. The design should be digitalized -not hand drawn- so that it can be used as a website logo and as a banner.

  3. Designs will be judged on the criteria of relevance to math and to the theme, creativity, neatness, and attractiveness, and with a greater emphasis placed on the positive relevance to math and creativity.

  4. The words Mississippi Mu Alpha Theta must  be displayed along with the convention date (per the National office instructions).

  5. Any violence, alcohol, or language/behavior deemed inappropriate by the judges will result in disqualification.

  6. The design should be student work only.

  7. The winning design will be turned into a vinyl banner to be awarded to the school of the winning design.

All students participating in the state convention must be active members of a chapter. 

State dues must be paid before a registration packet may be sent to the school.

Last Year's Winning Logo design

Mark Your Calendars for the 2024 MS Mu Alpha Theta Convention!

April 14 & 15, 2024

Jackson Prep Academy 3100 Lakeland Drive, Flowood, MS 39232

Photos from 2014 State Convention: Pythagorean Paradise